The Susan Wakil Fellowship

What have you done lately for the world?

The Susan Wakil Fellowship is an unparalleled student leadership program. The Fellowship provides a nurturing platform for Jewish students to learn how to make an impact upon the issues that are being felt by their fellow students and fellow Australians.

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We are a small, dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate about going beyond ‘closing the gap’.

The wider Australian population has not demanded the same educational standards for its First Nations counterparts, yet the onus to ‘close the gap’ is disproportionately placed on First Nations peoples.

We believe there is a deep value in reciprocity. The idea of a ‘gap’ speaks to a divide, whereas a ‘loop’ indicates shared responsibility.

It acknowledges that there is a lack in non-Indigenous understanding of First Nations cultures, values and issues.

At YEP, we seek to promote reciprocal learning, mutual understanding and shared accountability. As such, we foster the process of closing the loop.

Our aim is to increase the number of First Nations students finishing high school, whilst improving non-Indigenous Australians’ understanding of and sensitivity towards First Nations cultures, values and issues.