We provide meaningful experiences and opportunities to all of our members, alumni and supporters. 

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) has represented Jewish students on campus across Australia and New Zealand since 1948. AUJS operates at national, regional and campus levels. Our student leaders, together with our administrative and support staff, are responsible for bringing Jewish life to you on and off-campus. Our key areas of operation are: 

Jewish & Community Engagement

34% increase in Jewish Identity after engaging with AUJS.

73% of AUJS Leadership and Development Program (LDP) alumni engaged in their Jewish Communities. 


World-class campaigns with a reach of 120,000+

The primary Jewish voice on campuses, fighting Anti-Semitism.

Leadership & Development

5,700+ young Jewish leaders developed.

38% of AUJS Leadership Development Program (LDP) alumni become CEOs. 

International Programs 

10,000+ Israel program participants.

$80m+ invested in the Israeli economy.

AUJS is an Affiliate of the World Union of Jewish Students.

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