AUJS wants you!


Roll out programming across Australia and New Zealand, with a leadership opportunity unlike any other. AUJS' Union Executive runs our conferences, coordinates our response to antisemitism and represents Jewish students in our corner of the world.


Be the bridge between campuses in your state on a regional executive - run fantastic parties, functions and programs! AUJS' regions - New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, the ACT, and New Zealand - are an incredible place to grow your leadership skills and make fantastic friends.


Becoming a campus leader allows you the opportunity to bring Jewish life on to your campus, with engaging events. AUJS' campus leaders are on the front line, bringing people into an exciting Jewish community on campus.


Gabriella Davis

Vice President 2020, LDO 2019, VIC President 2018, VIC Vice President 2017

AUJS’ Leadership Training Summit provided me with the opportunity to bring together the skills and knowledge I have gained over the last 3 years to give our leaders a comprehensive set of fundamental skills that they need to excel in their journeys as AUJS leaders in 2020. I was able to provide a platform for our leaders to meet other Jewish students, who face the same issues and challenges they do, from across Australia and New Zealand, and to have a space to share their ideas and create long-lasting personal and professional relationships.

Gareth Milner

Board Director 2019, Vice-Chairperson 2018, NSW events 2017

Having joined the AUJS board in 2017 at only 22 years old, I was able to learn a number of professional skills that many at my age would only learn later in their career. Throughout my time, I learnt about conflict resolution, culture progression, processes and strategy. The board honed my professional attributes and gave me the ability to be assertive in my beliefs. The board provided me with an opportunity that I may otherwise never have experienced as a 22 year old professional.

Rebecca Connors

LDP participant 2019/20

On LDP, I have been fortunate to meet with a number of Jewish organisations across Israel, Canada, and the United States to learn about the important work they are doing within their Jewish communities and beyond. Through these meetings, I have been exposed to numerous new ideas and learnt tangible skills relating to engaging with and representing Jewish students and fighting Antisemitism on campus. I have been inspired by these organisations and their successes and intend to take the skills and ideas I’ve learnt to implement in AUJS at home.

Elias Visontay

Susan Wakil Fellow 2018

The Susan Wakil Fellowship is such a unique program that offers students something they can't get in a university course. The workshops and speakers teach fellows about the intersection of leadership, politics and public life, and how to achieve change. And the mentors and resources offered by the program let fellows actually create that change in the student communities affecting them. An emphasis on connecting students who wouldn’t ordinarily work together to create something tangible is what makes it such a valuable program.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our student leadership body at [email protected]