The Susan Wakil Fellowship

What have you done lately for the world?

The Susan Wakil Fellowship is an unparalleled student leadership program. The Fellowship provides a nurturing platform for Jewish students to learn how to make an impact upon the issues that are being felt by their fellow students and fellow Australians.



  • Woman Up

    Woman Up was created by Mandy Calmonson and Nurfar Gofman in 2019 - social impact project interviewing Australian women in politics, highlighting their achievements, challenges and hopes for reform. Read more

  • Floodlight Podcast

    Floodlight podcast was created by Zehava Heinrich, Erin Gordon and Jeremy Estrin in 2018 - a conversation, a podcast, that seeks to shine a light on the unspoken and ignored. Read more

  • Youth HEAR

    Youth HEAR was initiated by Harry Rosen and Julia Sussman in 2018 - an organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between Australian youth and the memory of the Holocaust. Read more