The Susan Wakil Fellowship

What have you done lately for the world?

The Susan Wakil Fellowship is an unparalleled student leadership program. The Fellowship provides a nurturing platform for Jewish students to learn how to make an impact upon the issues that are being felt by their fellow students and fellow Australians.

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Susan Wakil migrated to Australia with her aunt when she was 15 years old, fleeing a war-torn and hostile Soviet government in what is now Moldova. She met her husband, Isaac Wakil, who was also a migrant from persecution in Iraq, and they married in 1953.

The couple became very successful entrepreneurs and were generous philanthropists throughout their careers. Upon retirement, they began selling their property portfolio in order to finance incredible philanthropic ventures with a focus on Institutions of education and culture being accessible to all Australians.

This includes a subsidised-ticket system to allow people to enjoy the Opera in Sydney and Melbourne, educational scholarships for disadvantaged students, Nursing scholarships, the magnificent The University of Sydney Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery, as well as The Susan Wakil Pavilion as part of the long-anticipated expansion of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Susan and Isaac also supported the Sydney Jewish Museum, who aspire to educate students and visitors about the history of Australia’s Jewish migrants. The Susan Wakil AO Chair of Education is in honour of their support, and the Anna and Mark Reznik Centre of Learning on the lower ground floor is named after Susan’s parents.


This Fellowship would not be possible without the support of the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation. We extend our deepest gratitude to Susan and Isaac for their support and their vision for Jewish and Australian community.