Profiles and names, with a sentence about them? 

President Joshua Kirsh [email protected] NSW
Vice President Gabriella Davis [email protected] VIC
Treasurer James Breckler [email protected] VIC
Fundraising Coordinator Andy Gordon [email protected] VIC
Public Affairs Coordinator Daniel Elberg [email protected] VIC
Campaigns Coordinator
Conferences Coordinator Shira Rosenblum [email protected] VIC
Leadership & Development Coordinator Sarah Sack [email protected] NSW
Jewish Engagement Coordinator Talia Barsheshet [email protected] VIC
Marketing Coordinator Josef Wilkinson [email protected] VIC
ACT President
NSW President Gabrielle Agosin [email protected]
NZ President
QLD President Carly Rosenberg [email protected]
VIC President Sam Ginsberg [email protected]
WA President Dylan Kotkis [email protected]