Whether you’re just starting out at uni, making your way through your degree, or getting ready to hand in your final assessments, AUJS has something for everyone in 2020.


If you want the chance to grow your leadership skills, become an AUJS leader in your state or campus. Every AUJS leader gets the opportunity to participate in our Millie Phillips Leadership Training Summit (LTS), which provides peer-led skills training and unique access to professionals from the Jewish and wider community. We also offer the chance to participate in our Leadership Development Program (LDP), our flagship international program; an unprecedented opportunity to visit Israel, the USA, and a diaspora country to learn from the experiences of Jewish communities around the world. Throughout your year on an AUJS executive, you’ll learn valuable personal and professional skills and make life-long friends.

AUJS offers fantastic opportunities to let your hair down with other Jewish students. Our Purim parties are a regular staple in the AUJS calendar, whilst our AUJS Ball at the end of the year never fails to draw a crowd. Our summer and winter conferences are an awesome way to connect with Jewish students from across Australasia through an exciting variety of both fun and educational activities.

If your interest tends political, AUJS has a range of programs which we know you’ll enjoy. Our Political Training Seminar (PTS), running for the 22nd year in Canberra, is a phenomenal opportunity to extend your political knowledge, and meet some of the highest-ranking politicians in the country, including the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. We also run regional political conferences in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as a range of political events and programs.

For over 70 years, AUJS has served as the home for Jewish students on campus. Your campus club or region will offer a range of events available to engage with Jewish festivals and meet new people. We are here to take your reports and provide assistance in the case of Antisemitism on campus. We provide support for special consideration for festivals and other Jewish observances to ensure that your studies are not sacrificed. We run campaigns to raise awareness of Holocaust remembrance, Jewish engagement, and student welfare.

Get in touch and get involved - we’re excited to have you on board!