How do I even start looking for a job?
So many things to remember”

It’s time to WORK IT OUT!

Jewish Care in association with AUJS is excited to announce a 6-week FREE interactive LearnLocal workshop allowing you to critically analyse your understanding and application of the Job-seeking Process.

Come along on the 12th of August for our first introductory session to get a taste of the 6 week course!

Join us, along with a group of students just like you, as we navigate the winding road of job-seeking, discovering where we are, where we want to go, and what resources we have available to access.

This FREE workshop is framed through a contemporary COVID-19 context with references to self-care and navigating self-employment.

• Week 1. SMART career planning
• Week 2. Resume & cover letters
• Week 3. Networking
• Week 4. Interviews
• Week 5. Transitioning into work
• Week 6. Next steps

For for more information, contact Jarod on 8517 5913 or [email protected] 6-WEEK JOB-SEEKING WORKSHOP”

Booking for this event has now closed.