Whether we’re on campus or learning from home, AUJS continues to foster Jewish resilience among students. 

Connecting new friends, pushing back against antisemitism, or giving a voice to Zionism on campus - AUJS is able to create a network unlike any another.

We need your help to continue our vital work to provide Jewish life on and off campus.

Fostering Jewish resilience means standing with Jewish students.

Fostering Jewish resilience means providing unparalleled leadership opportunities to students across Australia and New Zealand.

Fostering Jewish resilience is how we deliver on our community's promise to give each generation more, and better, than those who came before.

On August 31st and the 1st of September, we ask for your support for this year's AUJS Charidy appeal, for our operations in VIC, WA, QLD, and NZ. All donations are tax deductible.