The Susan Wakil Fellowship

What have you done lately for the world?

The Susan Wakil Fellowship is an unparalleled student leadership program. The Fellowship provides a nurturing platform for Jewish students to learn how to make an impact upon the issues that are being felt by their fellow students and fellow Australians.

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Dear Isaac,

It’s overwhelming to sit here and think of the impact of this program in its entirety. It will take much, much longer I think to fully realize the extent of the program on each of us.

The Fellowship has been such an immersive, multi-dimensional learning and growing experience.

There have been so many moments of inspiration, conversations with profound impacts, learnings, connections built, and seeds planted that will only flower fully in the fullness of time. 

That such a program exists at all is, I believe, miraculous. I am deeply humbled in the investment that you’ve made in us as a cohort of Fellows and each of us as individuals. I hope these letters serve to communicate even a fraction of our gratitude to you, I can only hope that we can live to serve the memory of Susan.

In deepest gratitude

Matt Friedman