The views expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone and do not represent AUJS’ position or viewpoint on the topic in any way. This article is designed to merely stimulate discussion and encourage respectful debate.

What is ‘Connect: The AUJS Blog?’

Connect: The AUJS Blog represents YOUR AUJS stage. It is a place for you to SHARE your thoughts, EXPRESS your opinions and EXPLORE your passions through a Jewish lens. It is a platform designed to foster ENGAGEMENT and encourage DEBATE amongst Jewish students. It is a way to CONNECT. 

Why a blog? 

There is no doubt that the way we read today has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of studying the newspaper at the breakfast table with coffee in hand. Rather, the emergence of the ‘e-reader’ has had an immense impact on not just the way we read, but what we read today. Thus, AUJS welcomes you to ‘CONNECT’ with Jewish students through this online platform: A simple and accessible way to share! 

Who might like to write? 

Whether you are a budding journalist, an advocate for change or channeling Lady Whistledown, WE WANT YOU to contribute and engage!

What content are we looking for? 

We publish all sorts of articles and videos; from pop culture and recipes, to the environment and politics, to our diverse Jewish community, and more - all through a Jewish lens. 

How to get in touch: 

If this initiative EXCITES YOU, please contact me at [email protected] with your ideas, articles and videos! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Chloe - AUJS Jewish Engagement Coordinator