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This piece is written by Dr Eva Lowy 

Loneliness and social isolation are increasing globally. Although these problems were exacerbated during Covid 19, they were present and acknowledged well before the pandemic.

Many communities have responded by developing programs and social interventions in an effort to reduce loneliness in their members across all age groups.

The Jewish Community is at an advantage in being able to tackle these social problems because members are already connected by their history, faith, traditions, and customs. These connections are important because they provide a social environment through which Community members are able to access health-enhancing support.

Social environment and friends are important for peoples’ health and wellbeing. Researchers are finding that those who invest in friendship enjoy better physical and psychological health.

One of the researchers comments that we are in a “friendship crisis” in which people are lonely and want friends but struggle to make them.   

The intention of this Online Survey is to provide more information about social isolation and/or loneliness which you may be experiencing at university, so that the Jewish Community can prioritise action to reduce these social problems.  

About the Survey

Combat Loneliness is a taskforce headed by Sydney Clinical Psychologist, Dr Eva Lowy, dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of social isolation and loneliness in the Jewish Community. Lacking meaningful connections affects physical health and our general well-being, regardless of age group. This has become particularly evident during COVID.

We would like to hear about what you have felt and experienced so that the issue can be acknowledged and publicised for what it is: a social difficulty that we have all encountered at various times in our lives.

We have created a secure online survey that asks about your experience of social isolation and/or loneliness. The information gathered from the survey will form the basis of a comprehensive study to be disseminated to Jewish Community organisations.

By gaining this understanding, those organisations will have the opportunity to prioritise plans for action or find solutions which will enhance the health and resilience of their members.

To learn more about the Combat Loneliness Taskforce, please go to the website:

The questionnaire does not gather any personal or contact information. All responses are completely anonymous and strictly confidential.

If you can assist with just 4 - 5 minutes of your time, please complete the questionnaire by clicking on the survey link below.