The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) has represented Jewish students on campus across Australia and New Zealand since 1948. We have student clubs registered at over 15 university campuses. Each year we organise engaging social and political events both on and off-campus, run a number of International Programs to Israel and around the world, and provide Jewish students with useful educational resources.

AUJS operates at an International, regional and campus levels. Our many student leaders, together with our administrative and support staff, are responsible for bringing Jewish life to you in your time at university.

Union-wide: AUJS makes policy decisions on behalf of the organisation; represents AUJS within the community; organises Israel programs and AUJS' union run conferences; facilitates communication between the AUJS Regions, and produces and distributes resources and publications for use on campus.

Regional: AUJS Regional bodies run off-campus functions for students from across local universities; they represent the voice of Jewish students in your local community, they coordinate between campuses; and provide assistance to smaller campuses.

The AUJS Regions are Victoria, NSW, New Zealand and Small Regions (ACT, Queensland and Western Australia).--> add in buttons to take you to the regional pages links

Campus: AUJS on-campus hosts regular on-campus events and functions ranging from the social and educational to cultural and political, is at the forefront of Israel advocacy and promotes AUJS off-campus events and initiatives. To find AUJS at your campus, click here and get involved!

AUJS is an affiliate of the World Union of Jewish Students.