The Susan Wakil Fellowship

What have you done lately for the world?

The Susan Wakil Fellowship is an unparalleled student leadership program. The Fellowship provides a nurturing platform for Jewish students to learn how to make an impact upon the issues that are being felt by their fellow students and fellow Australians.

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2021 Fellows 

Aaron Lubrainschik is studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Politics and International Relations, at the University of New South Wales. His general interests include modern history, human rights and international relations. Aaron takes a particular interest in Saudi Arabia and Australia’s Indo-Pacific foreign policy. 

Throughout the course of the fellowship, Aaron looks forward to developing the skills which will allow him to effect positive and meaningful change in the broader community. He also hopes to enhance his understanding of the Australian political landscape.

Aaron has previously served in the military and, outside of his academic commitments, currently runs a social, private investment fund.

Adam Schonker is currently studying a double degree in Aerospace Engineering and Science majoring in Mathematics at Monash University and has been very involved in the Zionist youth movement Betar. Adam has been in the Federal Executive of Betar as the Rakaz Shnat (gap year coordinator) for the past two years and is hoping to continue to be an active member of the Zionist community.

Adam was hoping to further his network and develop more leadership and employability skills through the Fellowship. Through being surrounded by like-minded, active members of the community, Adam felt confident that not only his goals of the program will be successful, but also that any initiative created by the passionate people participating in the Fellowship will boost the community. Personally, his passion lies in climate activism through spreading awareness and youth empowerment through teaching.

 By studying science and engineering as well as having spent much time in informal youth education, Adam is able to organise, plan and communicate in a logical manner while always keeping the interests of the project at hand. He is looking forward to working with people to create a more empowering and sustainable future.

Alicia Wise is studying a double degree in Law (Honours) and Arts majoring in philosophy. She is very passionate about politics and philosophy and is always up for an amicable debate. Alicia has a keen interest in social justice issues and climate change, specifically what we can do as both individuals and a society to limit its disastrous ramifications.

Alicia has been very involved in her university community, undertaking roles in both the Monash Students’ Association and the Law Students’ Society. In 2021 she will be the Director of Careers for the Law Students’ Society, overseeing and leading the six careers officers and two publications officers and managing 18 events throughout the year. Alicia currently works as a legal researcher and a VCE tutor.

During her time in the Fellowship, Alicia aims to augment her political and professional skills, whilst engaging with inspiring individuals. She is excited about the prospect of having a tangible benefit to her community and broader society.

Anastasia Uricher
has just completed her Bachelor of Architecture and Environments (Honours) at the University of Sydney. She is spending the year working full time in practice to gain hands-on experience in the workforce before continuing with her Masters. She is interested in the agency and ethical responsibilities of built environment professionals in promoting social and environmental justice through their work.

What drew Anastasia to the fellowship was the opportunity to cultivate a social action project with other passionate and engaged students. She is also looking forward to understanding the underpinnings of policymaking and becoming better equipped with the tools for making positive changes in society.

Currently, Anastasia is also an active volunteer for Youth HEAR. She is the co-chairperson of the Community Collaboration Committee which aims to connect with non-Jewish community groups to improve widespread understanding about the Holocaust, while also raise young Jewish people’s awareness and engagement with issues affecting other minorities and disenfranchised groups.

Ben Kaufman is studying Law and Communications (Creative Writing) at the University of Technology, Sydney. Ben is an avid reader and writer. Some of his favourite topics include geopolitics, philosophy, conspiracy theories, and disruptive technologies. Over the course of his studies, Ben has learned the importance of seeking out good teachers, good experiences, and good ideas.

During the Fellowship, Ben hopes to cultivate skills that he has not yet picked up at university. In particular, he hopes to hone his design thinking skills, develop a stronger grasp of the Australian socio-political landscape, and build connections with interesting, interested people.

Ben has spent the last several months interning with PIAC, a non-profit law and policy organisation that aims to create positive change for those facing systemic disadvantage. He also works part-time for Rimon Advisory, an advisory-consulting firm. He has previously volunteered and worked for CSG, a community-based organisation that provides security services to the NSW Jewish Community.

Ben still doesn’t know exactly what he wants to be when he grows up, but he is confident that this is a step in the right direction.

Eli Janover is studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Monash University. Eli is passionate about community health and health policy, and through his degree, he is learning how to improve health outcomes and further disease prevention at the community level. 

Eli has been involved in the youth movement Betar and was director of Betar Melbourne for 2018 and 2019. In 2020 he took on the position of Federal Director of Education and Deputy National Chairperson of Betar Australia. Throughout his tenure as a leader at Betar, he sat on the Federal executive, overseeing much of the Movement's activities across Australia.

Eli has recently taken on a volunteer position as a research assistant at Monash University School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine where he has been able to gain first-hand research experience and insight into the health industry.

For Eli, The Fellowship seemed like a natural stepping stone after leaving Betar, as an avenue where he can further develop his community leadership skills. Through The Fellowship, Eli hopes to find his niche in the health industry where he can make meaningful and positive change.

Gabriella Katz is in her third year at Monash University studying a double bachelor degree in Law (Honours) and Arts, majoring in Psychology.

Gabriella is passionate about social justice issues, including inequity amongst Indigenous Peoples and the consequences they suffer as a result of the intergenerational legacy of dispossession from the Country. Furthermore, Gabriella cares deeply about addressing mental health and body image issues which derail so many people from achieving their goals and aspirations.

Gabriella has been a leader at Hineni Youth and Welfare since 2019 where she has learnt about leadership and youth empowerment. During her time in the fellowship, she looks forward to learning from her peers and mentors, who are all working together to navigate issues that underlie the vicious maintenance cycles that obstruct equality.

Hannah Kranz Moshinsky is entering her third year of Arts at the University of Melbourne, double majoring in International Relations and History. 

Hannah is interested in critically analysing the dynamics, norms and frameworks that govern the domestic and global world order. Hannah's core passions are youth empowerment, feminism, Jewish peoplehood, animal rights and environmentalism. 

Since she was 13, Hannah has acted on these passions by driving fundraisers, volunteering at a plethora of Jewish organisations, spending a year in Israel after school and continuing to be a madricha at Habonim Dror Australia. 

During the Fellowship, Hannah hopes to gain greater insight into the process of creating political, social and cultural change, as well as developing the necessary tools required to instigate initiatives.

Isabella Nahon is a 23-year-old UNSW student completing a dual degree in Social Work and Social Research Policy, majoring in politics and international relations. She is currently undertaking a placement at Rivendell Paediatric Psychiatric hospital.

Isabella has a keen interest in policy change and programs in the education and social justice spaces. She intends to complete a Juris Doctor postgraduate programme upon completion of her degree.

During the fellowship, Isabella hopes to learn the inner workings of the civil and commercial worlds and intends to utilise this knowledge combined with her sharp people and organisational skills to create impactful change.

Previously having worked in the not-for-profit space in Australia and New York at Friendship Circle and Knock Knock Give A Sock, respectively, Isabella's passion for social change and empowerment is evident. Building on those skills and values, she hopes to learn stakeholder management skills and be actively involved in complex value-driven initiatives' logistical and financial side. Isabella strongly values the notion of fairness and equality of opportunity and is dedicated to actively fighting social injustice and inequality in an effective and significant way.

Leor Simovich is a fourth-year Law and Engineering student at Monash University, specialising in Civil Engineering. Leor is interested in social justice, law, and mental health.

During his time in the Fellowship, Leor hopes to gain a myriad of skills about project management, leadership, and organisation, which will assist him in developing a greater understanding of the challenges faced by community leaders. He also seeks to engage with like-minded individuals to plan and execute a successful project that will enact positive change in the community.

Leor is passionate about education and youth empowerment and has considerable experience working with children in the Jewish and wider community. He has a hunger for knowledge in all aspects of life and is determined to continue his professional development and become an active member of the community.

Lior Kalisse studies International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies at the Australian National University in Canberra. Lior is interested in grassroots social justice, youth empowerment and ethnocultural diversity.

Through the Fellowship Lior hopes to better understand how society can best amplify the voices of young people and ensure they are involved from an early age in the political process.

In 2020 Lior was the National Director of Netzer Australia and worked as the Local Shaliach. Lior has worked as a campaigner for the CFMEU and intern with the Peres Centre for Peace in Israel. He has spent time on a range of communal boards in the Jewish community and has worked to ensure the voices of young people are represented in the community.

Noah Cass is studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales. He is currently undertaking his Honours year at the Kirby Institute, researching the epidemiology of viral hepatitis B and C in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Noah is passionate about addressing inequity in healthcare, Indigenous health and justice, and housing and educational inequality.

Through the Fellowship, Noah hopes to gain the skills necessary to create meaningful change in the healthcare space and broader community. He is looking forward to improving his political knowledge regarding healthcare, welfare and housing policy, and working with peers and the Fellowship community to address social issues.

Noah currently volunteers at Will2Live, providing meals and essentials to Sydney’s homeless population, and for the National Justice Project, substantiating claims of medical negligence of refugees in offshore detention. He also is an avid musician, playing in the Australian and New South Wales Doctors Orchestras, and has rowed with the UNSW Rowing Club Senior Squad.

Ruby Peer is in her third year of an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Politics & International Studies and Economics. She is particularly passionate about education, social issues and personal empowerment. 

Through the Fellowship, Ruby aims to better understand the social and political challenges facing the wider community. She hopes this understanding will better equip her to begin a career in contributing to social justice. She is excited to develop and practise the skills necessary to create a successful social initiative as well as learn from and work with the diverse and interesting group of Fellows. 

Ruby currently works as a Jewish studies teacher at the United Jewish Board of Education (UJEB) and as a Bnei Mitzvah teacher at the Shira Hadasha Synagogue. Last year she was the Federal President of the Jewish youth movement Hineni Youth & Welfare and is currently volunteering as Hineni’s Federal Treasurer. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, yoga, reading and scrolling through TikTok. 

Samantha Sandelowsky is completing her honours degree in Medical Genomics at UNSW after completing her undergraduate degrees at UTS in Medical Science and Creative Intelligence and Innovation in 2020. 

Along with her tertiary study, Samantha has owned and run a Tutoring and Education business since 2016 where she has educated over 70 students in a private capacity and organised workshops for a further 150 over the years. She is passionate about working with students who come from a range of backgrounds and specialises in teaching students with mental health and learning challenges. 

With her love of learning and cultural immersion, Samantha has embarked on global leadership programs both in Vietnam and Tel Aviv. Having gained some global insights has further instilled her passion on issues including education access and STEM teaching, healthcare particularly reproductive health, genetics education, human rights issues particularly Human trafficking and domestic violence. 

Samantha sees the fellowship as a means to which she can create a tangible impact on the Jewish Community. She hopes the fellowship will allow her to connect with individuals passionate about education and healthcare. Additionally, she hopes to gain insight into community organisations and the development of initiatives on a community scale.

Additionally, Samantha has volunteered for JewishCare since 2017 and recently restarted getting involved in Friendship Circle, being with young adults in our community with disabilities.