The Susan Wakil Fellowship

What have you done lately for the world?

The Susan Wakil Fellowship is an unparalleled student leadership program. The Fellowship provides a nurturing platform for Jewish students to learn how to make an impact upon the issues that are being felt by their fellow students and fellow Australians.

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Ariel Golvan is currently beginning his 4th year of Mechanical Engineering and Science (majoring in physiology). Ariel is interested in sustainability, ethical decision making, and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Through the Fellowship Ariel hopes to work with like-minded individuals to organise and implement a successful project with impact and longevity.

Ariel has worked extensively in the youth movement world, holding positions as state and national president of Hineni Youth and Welfare. Ariel is also currently working as a facilitator for the Jewish Teen Giving Initiative.

Adam Rushford studies a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University.  Adam is interested in health and medical research and policy, with a particular interest in non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

During the Fellowship, Adam would like to learn how to engage in policy in a way that actualises change on a community level, changing perception and behaviour

Adam was formally the Treasurer and Co-Project Manager for Challah for Hunger Melbourne. He is a scholarship student at the Monash School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, where he has worked with the Emergency and Trauma research group, and Alumni (2017) of the Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics at Yale University.

Imogen Fox studies Politics and International Studies and Spanish and Latin American studies at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about languages, international relations and social justice.

During the Fellowship, Imogen hopes to investigate how intercultural exchange and appreciation can be fostered across society and on university campuses, with a focus on the role of language.

Throughout her schooling, Imogen has held various leadership positions and has enjoyed involvement in volunteer work (such as working at the Sacred Heart Mission) and in theatre programs.

Benjamin Janover studies a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Studies/Law and Justice) at the University of Melbourne. Benjamin is interested in politics, law and how the two affect and manifest in society. Specifically the role public trials play in shaping public discourse.

Throughout the Fellowship, Ben hopes to achieve long-lasting networks with driven and like-minded people. Ben wants to hone in on skill-building and specifically, learn the process of putting ideas into action.

In 2017 Benjamin was the President of Melbourne University Jewish Students’ Society – the oldest Jewish student body in Australia (est. 1906).

Previously Ben has been a madrich at Mount Scopus, led on Camp Sababa and for the Friendship Circle and has also volunteered as a first responder for Magen David Adom in Netanya, Israel. Ben has also formerly been involved with StandWithUs Australia as a facilitator.

Joseph Friedman studies Commerce and Law at Monash University (Clayton). ‘Jo’ is interested in political engagement of the youth in Australia today. Jo has a particular interested in the Justice system.

In his time with the Fellowship Jo hopes to develop a platform for disengaged students to learn about the political world in interactive ways. Jo hopes to achieve a greater level of empathy and appreciation for others’ contrasting opinions.

Previously Jo was a student attorney for the Wisconsin Innocence Project in the United States. Additionally, Jo has worked as a lecturer for Connect Education and as an AFL umpire.

Vivi Teshuva is currently Studying Arts/law at Deakin University. Vivi is interested in Social justice, politics, art and music. In her time with the Fellowship Vivi hopes to learn how to create a successful value-oriented political project that can have an effective, long-lasting impact on society.

Vivi currently works at the Office of Public Prosecutions and has volunteered in several specialist Community Legal Centres. Vivi is the current and inaugural Director of the Social Justice & Equity portfolio of the Deakin Law Students’ Society.

Previously,  Vivi has worked and volunteered as a youth leader at Caulfield Hebrew Congregation, Stand up, Hineni Youth and Welfare and helped run several other school summer holiday programs.

Ariel Zohar is an experienced student leader interested in multiculturalism, indigenous reconciliation, and genocide recognition and awareness.

Ariel studies a Bachelor of a Communication majoring in Advertising at RMIT University in Melbourne.

As part of his fulfilment in the Susan Wakil Fellowship, Ariel aims to refine and build upon his advocacy and interpersonal skills previously learnt in student politics and the Jewish student community.

Previous roles Ariel has held include being the immediate past National Political Affairs Director of AUJS, Council Member on the RMIT University Board, President and General Secretary of the RMIT University Student Union and has volunteered his time as a youth movement leader at SKIF at a radio presenter at J-AIR, the Jewish community radio station.

Mandy Meyerson studies a Bachelor of Arts: Majoring in Politics & International Studies and Criminology, at the University of Melbourne. Subsequently, Mandy aims to complete a postgraduate law degree at Melbourne University.

Mandy has a particular interest in Human rights, the legal system, justice and community involvement.

During the fellowship, Mandy hopes to investigate problems that arise on campus for university students and endeavour to help resolve these issues. With the help of a mentor, Mandy is eager to understand how to implement change in the most conducive and effective way possible.

Mandy has been very involved in leadership programs and positions. At Mount Scopus, Mandy was the Social Action captain.

In 2017, Mandy started the ‘Young Friends of the Jewish Holocaust Centre’ to educate emerging generations about Holocaust commemoration, combat denial and bridge the gap between survivors and Jewish youth. This year Mandy will lead as a Madrich on March of the Living.

Zehava Heinrich is a 4th year Law student at the University of Technology in Sydney. Throughout her time at university, Zehava discovered her interests in areas such as social justice, law, mental health, politics and the Jewish community.

During her time with the Fellowship Zehava hopes to enhance her leadership skills and work with university administration, clubs and societies to address the mental health issues facing students.

Zehava has been highly involved with AUJS for the last 2 years and is now serving as the President of AUJS at the University of Technology Sydney. As part of her engagement with the student community/ politics at her university, Zehava served as President of Out2Party, a social LGBTQIA+ club, and held the position of Ethno-cultural officer for the UTSSA.

Jeremy Estrin is in his fifth year at the Australian National University, studying a double degree of Law and PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics). Jeremy’s passionate interests include student mental health, increasing government efficiency, decreasing waste, and foreign policy.

From the Fellowship Jeremy hopes to learn how to become a better activist for liberal political change while getting his foot in the door of major policymakers and NGOs in the space.

Jeremy has been, and continue to be, an active part of the Jewish community in Canberra; both on and off-campus. I remain on the executive of the ANU Jewish Students Society, after holding the Presidency in 2016.

Mia Herrman is completing a Juris Doctor at the University of New South Wales, following a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations.

Mia is interested in political philosophy and international law, particularly the process of the international criminal court.

Through the Fellowship, Mia is keen to engage a community of students interested in effective altruism, through the process of broad multidisciplinary approaches to social justice policy.

Mia has previously held the NSW Public Affairs portfolio for AUJS and taken up positions at junior diplomatic engagements including the national Model United Nations conference in New York. Mia also has experience working within pro-bono projects of Law Firms, in areas such as human trafficking and refugee status.

Harrison Rosen studies Media (with majors in Public Relations and Advertising)  and Law at the University of New South Wales.

Harrison has a particular interest in public policy, advocacy and social justice. Through the fellowship, Harrison is hoping to improve his skill set in order to make positive contributions in both the Jewish and wider community.

Harrison previously volunteered with camp Sababa as well as a number of youth movements and has worked for Jewish Care as a disability support worker.

Eitan Harris studies Anthropology and Archaeology at The University of Sydney. Eitan is interested in diversity and interfaith/ intercultural relations.

During the fellowship, Eitan hopes to improve his political knowledge and skills. Eitan also hopes to improve relations between the Jewish community and other Australian communities, primarily on a university campus level.

Eitan is Education Officer for AUJS at The University of Sydney, a position he has held for two years, functioning largely as dual Education and Political Officer in 2017.

Ashleigh Rumpler studies Social Science at Macquarie University. Ashleigh has a particular interest in animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and social justice.  

During the Fellowship, Ashleigh wants to continue to enhance her capacity and knowledge in campaigning and grassroots activism.

Ashleigh is currently the volunteer events coordinator for the Animal Justice Party (AJP), assisting with fundraising opportunities to enable the party to run in elections. She is also the vice president of the Macquarie Animal Rights Society (MARS), which actively raises awareness of animal rights issues to students on campus.

Erin Gordon is a fourth-year journalism and law student at the University of New South Wales. Erin is passionate about the media, justice, gender equality, and professional development.

During the Fellowship Erin hopes to inspire, encourage, and train a new generation of leaders and foster female empowerment on university campuses.

Erin has previously held positions on the AUJS national executive and as an intern at Justice Action, a community-based organisation of criminal justice and mental health activists targeting abuse of authority.

Julia Sussman is studying a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, majoring in Wildlife Conservation and Management at the University of Sydney. She has completed the first two years of her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, which she intends to complete once she finishes her current degree.

Julia is passionate about animal welfare issues, particularly the conflict that exists between humans and their action on the animal world. Attempts to contribute to these causes have led her to volunteer for WIRES, Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia, and both Moholoholo Rescue Centre and Prime CREW in South Africa. Her volunteer portfolio also includes extensive work with March of the Living Australia, as well as Emanuel School as a Madricha, mentor and admin coordinator.

What is Julia hoping to get out of the fellowship? She wants to learn how to make an impact on the causes she is passionate about on a larger scale. Her long term goal is to have society’s support for her virtuous initiatives.