Australasian Union of Jewish Students



Every year, Jews and non-Jews all over the world commemorate the six million Jewish and countless other lives lost in what Winston Churchill could only then call "a crime without a name".

The Holocaust was the systematic persecution and extermination of the Jewish people before and during World War II (1933 –1945) in Nazi-occupied Europe. The events of this time dramatically shaped the communal identity of the Jewish people. It is AUJS's responsibility, and the responsibility of Jewish and non-Jewish people everywhere, to make sure that the Holocaust is never forgotten and ensure that history will never repeat itself.

AUJS has produced six posters for this year’s Holocaust awareness campaign – each tracking the stages in which the genocide occurred, from Hitler’s rise to power to the Final Solution. 

Our message:

These were the warning signs of the Holocaust.

Next time we will speak out before it's too late.