Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Reclaim the

Reclaim the "Z" Word

Campaign Description

All too often, people hesitate to use, discuss or identify with the "Z" word, particularly on university campus --- "it doesn't poll well", "it's uncomfortable", "we better not".....

In many cases, this reluctance can be attributed to certain stigmas which have attached to the word, as well as general misunderstandings and a lack of knowledge.

We at AUJS have chosen to challenge this.

Campaign Videos

In a series of video interviews, we posed a number a “big”, thought-provoking questions about Zionism to active students and professionals in the Jewish community. The following interviewees feature in the videos:

    1. Alex Ryvchin, Co-CEO Executive Council of Australian Jewry
    2. Miriam Charak, Bnei Akiva Australia & Engineering and Arts student
    3. Rabbi Alon Meltzer, Program Director, The Shalom Institute & Rabbi of Or Chadash
    4. Jacob Jones, Bnei Akiva Australia, AUJS & Commerce student
    5. Atida Lipshatz, Zionism Victoria Board Member
    6. Julia Sussman, AUJS Leader & Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine student
    7. Eitan Drori, Jewish community member
    8. Raphi Janover-Rocha, Habonim Dror Australia & Global Studies and Science student


Part One:

What is Zionism? Why the Land of Israel? Jewish Nationhood?


Part Two:

Is Zionism Racism? Is Zionism a Conspiracy?


Part Three:

Is Zionism Colonialism? Are people reluctant to identify as Zionists?


Part Four:

What is the future of Zionism?


Want to learn more?

Check out our discussion guide which was used to facilitate “Ask Big Question” style events on campuses. The guide contains a series of modules, each of which addresses a challenging question about Zionism with accompanying source material.

See the guide here.


Final note…

Although the campaign formally ended on 26 April 2018, we encourage everyone to continue to ask and consider the challenging questions about Zionism. This topic is shrouded with complexity, misunderstandings and misinformation. The only way to combat this issue is by asking the big questions and engaging in respectful, open and honest discussion.