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Many bridges between groups are built through playing and watching sport. It is one of the most successful ways to break down barriers through the mutual understanding of respect, dedication and the love of the game, as the following organisations demonstrate.

By Aujs / August 09, 2015

Twinned Peace Soccer Schools

The Peres Center has recognised that children and youth are severely affected by conflict, and due to the lack of interaction and positive dialogue, they are susceptible to developing fears and misconceptions of the "other." As the future of the region, they have the most to gain from the development of durable peace and thus, it crucial to engage children and youth in peace education programming.

Over 14,000 children from 35 disadvantaged Palestinian, Israel-Arab and Jewish communities have participated in more than 8,000 joint sporting activities.

This unique holistic, cross-border program utilises sport as a peace education tool to bring together Palestinian and Israeli, and Jewish and Arab children and youth together in a safe, healthy and fun environment built on principles of equality, diversity, respect, and mutual understanding. TPSS uses a variety of sports and peace education methods that enable children to meet friends from "the other side," play in mixed teams, mitigate direct competition and encourage values of teamwork, equality and mutual appreciation.



Budo for Peace

Budo for Peace has 16 martial arts clubs throughout Israel, with affiliate clubs in Jordan, Turkey, France and Ethiopia.

Budo’s mission is to advocate co-existence and dialogue among the various sectors in Israeli society, empower girls and young women ... and to engage at-risk youth by teaching children the principles of martial arts (respect, tolerance, selflessness, confidence and responsibility, to name a few).

This is done regionally with their bi-weekly training in their respective dojos and nationally with the various events like clean-up Israel, where 160 members gather to clean up Israel. This collectively teaches the students respect for the environment and to respect each other.

The Budo team sent an “Ambassador Team” of Israeli and Palestinian senior youth to Japan in order to participate in the 9th World Shotokan Karate International Championship held in Tokyo, Japan. They received a standing ovation upon entering the stadium during the opening ceremony of the tournament.



Maccabi Haifa/Nahalal

Jews, Circassians, Muslim and Christian Arabs all play together in the Maccabi Haifa-Nahalal youth football academy. Currently, the captain of the team is Aaron, who lives in the Circassian village Kafr Kama in Northern Israel.

True coexistence is achieved every day through the passion for "the beautiful game" demonstrated by these young men and their families.

Located in the heart of the Jezreel Valley in the Galilee, on the football fields of Nahalal, this unique soccer squad consists of 13-year-old players from different Israeli backgrounds and cultures. These diverse athletes hone their skills on the grounds of Israel's oldest communal farming village, Moshav Nahalal, which was founded in 1921. 

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