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Business practices create a unique way to build bridges through not only open dialogue, but also economic well being, helping to create a better life for those who are in need. Below are organisations that promote peaceful coexistence through engaging in business practices within the Middle East.

By Aujs / August 09, 2015

Sindyanna of Galilee

Sindyanna of Galilee is a Jewish and Arab female-led, fair-trade NGO promoting the concept of “business for peace” in Israel by selling Arab producers’ olive oil in the international marketplace and channeling all of the profits back into Arab women education while bridging cultural divides, encouraging sustainable agriculture, and supporting organic farming.

Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee is the only certified fair-trade olive oil producer in Israel that operates among the country’s Arab population bringing foresight, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver real impact.

"Our staff consists of Arab and Jewish women who share a vision of peaceful coexistence, and work towards this goal side by side with skill, care, and a passion for the craft. Among our fair trade products are organic and extra virgin olive oils, za’atar spice mixes, carob syrup, almonds, honey, olive oil soaps, and various traditional handicrafts."

Sindyanna of Galilee offers access to education and economic opportunities, alongside agricultural and financial advice, to Arab women and to some 200 local Arab olive oil producers from the Galilee, forming an important platform for change. This group ignites economic activity, enables Jews and Arabs to support each other in the process, and bring it full circle to empower women to be at the forefront of creating social cohesion and supporting Arab communities.





A not-for-profit organisation run by Jews and Arabs that aims to promote the integration of Arab Israelis into the hi-tech industry in Israel to promote economic development, reduce poverty, create high value jobs in Arab urban centres and integrate Arab citizens into Israeli society with the aim of making Israel a more just and equitable society.

Tsofen’s main goals are to add thousands of Arabs into the Israeli hi-tech sector and assist in the creation of hi-tech centres in Arab towns. Since 2008, it’s activities have resulted in the tripling of Arab Israeli employment in this sector (from 400 to 1,200) and an increase in engineering jobs in Nazareth from 30 to 350. Tsofen is also currently working on employment for women and coexistence conferences.


Israel-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce (IPCC) was established in October 2008 as a non-profit NGO by leading Israeli business people and economic organisations, who seek to enhance bilateral trade and investments between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

"This ground-breaking initiative not only promotes business opportunities and commerce, just like any other bi-national chamber of commerce, but also creates strong business and social networks as well as mutual trust between the two peoples."




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