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The Arts

The Arts

The Israel/Palestine conflict has been portrayed through various art forms, including photography, performance, song, and art. It is a way in which people can express their experiences and emotions, and reach out to others through these media. 

By Aujs / August 09, 2015

Artsbridge Institute

In the aftermath of the Second Intifada, founder, Debbie Nathan, recognised a need for programming to empower Israeli and Palestinian youth to envision a different future, develop a sense of hope for change, and cultivate a passion for creating that change. As a result, Artsbridge was created in July 2007.

In response to her 30 years of observing the benefits urban youth gained through experiencing a safe, supportive environment and the use of art as therapy, Debbie developed Artsbridge’s wholly unique program design.

Over the years, Artsbridge, Inc. established partnerships with several organisations in Israel, the West Bank, and the United States and began recruiting youth to participate in year-round programming. In the summer of 2008, thirty Israeli and Palestinian students went to the U.S. to participate in Artsbridge’s first three-week summer intensive program, the Inter-Cultural Youth Leadership Development Program, at Endicott College in Massachusetts.

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On Caravan

A project started in 2009 which was initiated in Cairo, Egypt, named after its “nomadic” projects with exhibitions travelling around the world, instead of working within the confines of one specific geographic, religious or cultural area.

This project has a two pronged approach to building bridges between different religions and cultures – the first is to build cultural bridges between East and West (a mainly cultural endeavour), and the second being to foster interfaith dialogue within the Middle East and Asia through the arts.

This project explores ideologies and customs that are common to certain faiths and cultures in order to make both sides realise that, sharing many fundamental ideas they can work hand in hand towards Peace and Harmony. On Caravan’s primary inter-religious focus is on building bridges between faiths that have originated in the Middle East (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Druze, and Baha’i, etc.).



Peace Factory

This organisation is also featured in the 'Open Dialogue' part of Peace Week. However, it also has a creative component, encouraging designers to come together to brainstorm ways that creativity can lead to peace.

"As designers we have many tools to make some impact, we use those tools most of the time…to sell stuff. But, can we use all this creativity for another purpose: making peace? Do we have a bigger role to play than just making nice packaging for food?"




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