Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Peace Week 2013

Peace Week 2013

Campuses around Australia and New Zealand in AUJS's vast network will run a series of diverse, wide-ranging events in collaboration with non-Jewish student groups to promote positive values of tolerance and to demonstrate support for peace.

Events will be wide and varied, giving students opportunities for collaboration, mature discussion and the ability to connect with people of various differences over shared interests and commonalities.

the campaign would try to break down barriers of conflict on campus and try to create a more positive atmosphere for students of all faiths and cultura backgrounds.

Activities of co-operation will draw inspiration from AUJS Queensland, who took a leaf out of the AFL International Cup last year and put together a ‘Peace Team’ of Jewish & Muslim students to compete in the University of Queensland World Cup, a melting pot of cultural and international societies. AUJS Queensland President David McNamee, who arranged the team with fellow AUJS QLD executives Jamie Rother & Raphael Mengem, said the initiative was a “tremendous success… Promoting peace, unity, diversity and cross society interaction.”

“Throughout University you find countless different nationalities, but all this multiculturalism rarely interacts.Understanding through amiable opportunities is the cornerstone to ensuring that students can build relationships and tolerance.‘The Peace Team’ decided to play together to promote peace and mutual respect rather than any one nationality.”