Australasian Union of Jewish Students

O-Week 2016

O-Week 2016


Orientation Week (O-Week) is the week before university where students can join clubs and societies on their campus. AUJS will have stands at over 20 campuses where YOU can sign up to take part in all of AUJS' exciting programs and opportunities through out the year. Sign up during O-Week to receive your AUJS membership and bag of goodies!

At AUJS, it is all about Jew & I:


+ Parties for Purim, Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Chanukah and more!

+ Shabbat dinners

+ Israel & Jewish advocacy

+ Yom Ha'Shoah commemorations

+ Political campaign and conferences

+ Summer & Winter Conferences

+ AUJS Ball

+ Religious learning

+ Campus picnics and BBQs

+ Social networking and internship opportunities

+ Trips and programs to Israel and the world

+ And more!

Find out more information about AUJS and Jew & I at your campus' O-Week stand, or on our Facebook page!

Alternatively, if you can't make it to your campus for O-Week, sign up to AUJS here.

AUJS would like to thank Masa for its generous support of O-Week 2016.

AUJS and Shalom are proud members of the JCA Family of organisations. Without the support of the JCA, AUJS would not be able to provide all these opportunities for our members.