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Monash overwhelmingly rejects BDS

Monash overwhelmingly rejects BDS

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students has welcomed the Monash Student Council's rejection of the highly offensive and unproductive Boycott Divestment Sanctions propaganda movement.

The rejection of BDS, which came after extensive AUJS advocacy, was overwhelming. Just 4 councillors voted in favour, 2 abstained, and 11 voted against.

Over 90 AUJS members attended today's meeting, ensuring the voice of Jewish students was clearly heard.

By Aujs / September 04, 2014

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"Today's move represents a through rejection of the hateful and unproductive BDS," AUJS political affairs director Matthew Lesh said.

"BDS incorrectly blames one side, doesn't support a two-state solution, or encourage the necessary ongoing dialogue.

"Moreover, targeting Jewish businesses represents borderline on antisemitism, and is in every sense impractical," Mr Lesh continued. 

"Israeli technology is ubiquitously integrated into our lives, from our computers to USB sticks, that simply cannot be boycotted.

Monash student Julian Kowal, who spoke on behalf of AUJS at the meeting, said that the debate turned nasty as Jewish students were called "f--king Zionism scum", and falsely accused of being paid by the Israeli government and serving in the IDF.

Members of the former Monash Socialist Alternative Club, who undertook the offensive activity, were requested to leave the meeting to allow other students to speak.

"The proponents of BDS have no interest in peaceful dialogue or positive outcomes in the Middle East," Mr Kowal said.

"All they seem interested in doing is causing alienation of Jewish students on campus, and throwing around insults."

Today's rejection of BDS comes just two days after Monash Clubs and Societies deregistered Socialist Alternative, severely limiting their access to university resources.

The deregistration was in response to AUJS complaints about an antisemitic rejection of Jewish students from a Socialist Alternative event.

"This deregistration comes after years of Socialist Alternative harassment and intimidation of Jewish students on campus, ranging from yelling insults at kippah-wearing students, to one case of late-night physical assault," Monash Jewish Students' Society president Byran Ladowsky.

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