Australasian Union of Jewish Students

AUJS USYD presents Merav Michaeli MK

AUJS USYD presents Merav Michaeli MK

AUJS, together with Habonim-Dror and Ameinu, is proud to host Member of Knesset Merav Michaeli for a daring outlook on Israel's current challenges and hopes for the future. MK Michaeli is one of Israel's most influential politicians, a former journalist and one of the strongest feminist and progressive voices in Israel today.
We invite everyone to join us for this unique opportunity to engage with a senior Israeli politician visiting Australia.

When?: Wednesday, September 13, 3.30pm
Where?: University of Sydney (venue TBD)
Cost?: Free of charge, but registration is necessary 
About Merav Michaeli MK:
MK Merav Michaeli has been a Member of Knesset since the 19th Knesset in 2013. She serves as the Chair of the Zionist Party and the opposition whip.

Since her election to the Knesset, MK Michaeli has served on the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee including its subcommittees, and the House Committee. Michaeli’s activities have extended over many issues and sectors, including; socio-economic discourse, gender equality, the relationship between state and religion, LGBTQ rights, labour rights and promoting the peace process. Prior to her election to the Knesset, MK Michaeli was a senior journalist with Haaretz, regularly publishing op-eds and interviews. She also edited and hosted news and entertainment programs on both television and radio. MK Michaeli was involved in the establishment of Galgalatz and Radio Tel-Aviv radio stations and served as a lecturer in universities and colleges on media and gender.

In her political and parliamentary activity, MK Michaeli continues her professional and ideological path. For over 20 years, MK Michaeli has been involved in feminist activism, seeking to promote women’s equality and opportunity. Similarly, MK Michaeli works to promote the rights of minorities, labour rights, and the peace process.

In 1997, MK Michaeli founded "Ezrat Nashim", a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support for victims of sexual assault. She is a member of the executive committee of the Israel Peace Initiative and a member of the management board of the Israel Women’s Network. MK Michaeli successfully spearheaded legislative initiatives providing support to individuals in substantial debt to Israel’s Collection Agency (Hotzaa-Lapoal), and workers and members of the LGBTQ Community. She is ranked one of the most socially-oriented legislators.

MK Merav Michaeli is the granddaughter of Dr. Yisrael Kastner, a Jewish-Hungarian journalist and lawyer who lobbied in Budapest and other places to save Jews – successfully rescuing thousands from their deaths during the Holocaust.