Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Leadership Training Summit (LTS)

Leadership Training Summit (LTS)

AUJS invites all AUJS leaders to attend the inaugural Millie Phillips Leadership Training Summit (LTS).

What is the Leadership Training Summit?

The Leadership Training Summit is an all inclusive,FREE training conference (including travel costs) for all AUJS leaders and fellows of the Susan Wakil Fellowship.

LTS will bring together youth leaders from across Australia & New Zealand for 3 days of training and development. The Summit aims to up-skill executives and provide professional development opportunities that can be used throughout your time in AUJS, and later in life.

Programming will cover a broad range of skills, knowledge, and capabilities, as you participate in sessions with expert guest speakers, leadership activities, project workshopping, peer-to-peer 

knowledge sharing, long term strategy brainstorms and practical implementation.

Some Sessions Will Include:

  • Design thinking workshops
  • How to lead, not manage
  • Community mapping
  • Networking session with community professionals
  • Group Dynamics Workshops
  • Executive planning sessions

LTS will be run through three lenses of engagement and training:
Inspiration | Confidence | Connectivity


Dates: 21-23 November 2017Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Please Note LTS is compulsory for all executives & Susan Wakil fellows.


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