Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Jew Years Eve Party

Jew Years Eve Party

It’s time to step out of Uni and renew your energy! Say goodbye to another incredible year with AUJS and Hagshama's sweetest event of the year. Sip champagne and reflect on the year that has passed at our decadent New Years Eve cocktail party…

Imagine the entire universe in reboot.
Imagine a mega-surge of creative sweet energy that only AUJS & Hagshama can create, enough to power the whole of reality for an entire year. 
Imagine a system loading parameters for every galaxy, star, planet, organism, cell, protein, molecule and atom over a 6-hour period. 

Are you starting to get the idea of this party? 

You see, time doesn't run smoothly. It’s not just some steady stream, like a train of cars one neatly schlepped after the other. It’s more like a pulse, a pulse that you will experience only here, with each new moment carefully and deliberately articulated through the medium of a cosmic soul that powers all life and existence. 

All this power – in one party – top secret location revealed on the day by SMS / Facebook. 

A new year and a fresh start that's so broad we would love to say that the sky is the limit, but that would be too restrictive. Anyone (aged 18-27) or anything that can be dreamt up, newly created and is as sweet as it gets could make its way into this secret party. 

Where are you going and how will you get there you ask? Well… Get your tickets and you'll discover the sweet location on the day in a text message from us sweethearts.