Australasian Union of Jewish Students

JewQ View

JewQ View

In these videos, a variety of Jewish people offer their answers to questions posed by non-Jewish university students.

Take a look! Feel free to share them and add your 2 shekels to the conversation with the tag #JewQ

How do you get your yarmulkes to stay on?

Is it ok to say "Jew"?

What's Yiddish?

Why can’t you eat meat and milk?

How come women can cover their hair with a wig? 

Are you allowed to ask someone if they're Jewish?

What are the black hats and the side locks about?

How can you tell if someone's Jewish?

Do Jew jokes makes you uncomfortable?

Why is the Jewish community so insular?


Videos edited by Adam Hyman.
Thanks to David Cyngler, Bryce Kenny, Laura Werman, Mark Bloom, Michael Sassoon, Dylan Klein, Rachelli Prawer, Gaby Gluch, Alon Meltzer, and Marnie Cohen for their responses, and all the non Jewish uni students for their questions.