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JewQ is an online campaign that shares stories and creates conversations in a bid to explore and understand young Jewish identity, practice and traditions in Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the questions are awkward, many are entertaining; all cut to the core of what it is to be a young Australian/Kiwi Jew in the 21st century.

Whether you have a question to ask or want to join the conversation to offer your perspective on what it is to be young and Jewish – we welcome you to be part of JewQ.

Q:  I’m J-curious … what can I do next?

A: Take a look at our videos, where we sourced questions from non-Jewish university students and got a variety of Jewish university students to answer, or the graphics we've produced to answer some of the questions.

Join the conversation on our forum, where anyone is free to ask and answer questions related to Judaism.

Keep up to date with JewQ on our Facebook page, where we'll be creating discussions and continuing conversations.

Most importantly, this project is about you. We want individuals to engage online with their own networks. Pose a question to your friends. Share a story, or one of the materials we've produced. Answer a question someone else has asked. Just remember to add the hashtag #JewQ to be part of this initiative!