Australasian Union of Jewish Students



‘Follow up’ is an essential part of the AUJS International Programs experience. Follow up refers to various activities that continue to connect the participants to Israel and the local Jewish community post program. It provides avenues for ongoing meaningful Jewish experiences, further communal involvement and encourages participants to feel part of the Australian community.  This includes opportunities for alumni reunions, Shabbat dinners, Hebrew cafes, and more.

About Rosa – our Follow Up Coordinator:

Rosa is best known for her curls; a constant reminder of her quirky personality. She likes to think of herself as a creative type, but she’s probably just a nerd. She loves playing ukulele, 70% cocoa chocolate, and card games. She’s not a fan of writing blurbs about herself.

To her, follow-up is like Olympic trampolining. The trampoline gets you into the air, but it’s what you do while you're up there that counts. Off the back of an amazing Israel program experience, her aim is to keep the participants in the air for as long as possible so that they can do the most spectacular things (don’t worry, it’s just an analogy, she’s not actually going to make them do flips). She’s there to help them grab the passion, inspiration and feeling they got while on our Israel programs, and to keep it going after they’re back in Australia and life has returned to normal.

Another way that Olympic trampolining and follow-up are similar is that both are fun. You can look forward to reunions (possibly at Bounce, to practice that trampolining), camps, Friday night dinners and more. Rosa will keep you up-to-date with what AUJS and the community is up to and help you get involved in whatever way you choose, whether that’s leadership, social justice, politics, Judaism, or something Rosa hasn't even thought of yet!