Australasian Union of Jewish Students

AUJS Chaplaincy

AUJS Chaplaincy

AUJS' Executive Director acts as the cultural Jewish chaplain at the University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, University of Canberra and Macquarie University.

This means we can write special consideration letters to your lecturer/tutor if you ever have an exam/assignment due on Shabbat or a Jewish festival, or need permission to miss classes for Jewish holydays or other reasons (including leadership or personal) and require assistance arranging an extension. You will be able to submit this letter to your university authority as evidence for your special consideration, and if further action is required, we can help as well.

To use this service, simply fill out our form here.

For students in NSW, we can also connect you to the Religious Orthodox Chaplain. Please email us at to arrange or for any help/questions you might have.

Not all university campuses are listed, as each has different requirements for their chaplaincy program. If you need help finding out what to do, please email us.