Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Chairperson's Welcome

Chairperson's Welcome

AUJS continues to enrich Jewish student identity across 25 campuses, with thousands of current members across Australia and New Zealand. AUJS remains as the link for further development for Jewish during their time at university.

Josef Wilkinson

For many, the time we spend at university proves to be the most influential of our entire lives. We explore, we learn, we develop, and we dive headfirst into an exciting world of amazing opportunities. AUJS, with unparalleled leadership and development, international programs, on and off campus social events and high quality political and advocacy opportunities, can play a major role in the life of any Jew attending university.

If you're interested in the advocacy and political space, AUJS has a wide and varied range of opportunities. Our Political Training Seminar in Canberra, going into its 21st year, puts students face to face with the most influential political leaders in the country and might be the perfect place to start your political journey. Thanks to the generous support of the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation, AUJS's Susan Wakil Fellowship continues to provide students with unprecedented access to brilliant political mentors and advocacy development. If you need something a bit smaller, our regional political conferences, speaker events, mentor/internship programs and Empower events might be the perfect fit.

If meeting other Jews and developing new relationships is more your style, AUJS is perfect. Our Summer and Winter Conferences are a great way to make lifelong friends and let your hair down before the semester starts. Our on and off-campus events, regional balls, and Purim parties are also a great way to engage socially and make new friends.

If leadership and development spark your interest, AUJS is the place for you. As an executive on campus, in a region or for the union, you can help to create and facilitate experiences for other Jewish students. Not only will you be provided with hands-on leadership training through our Millie Phillips Leadership Training Summit, leadership retreats, and workshops and our Advocacy Summit, but you'll also meet amazing people and build incredible networks. For those that excel in the leadership space, the AUJS Leadership, and Development Program, taking students to Israel, the United States and a third diaspora country proves to be another incredible opportunity.

AUJS is the peak representative body for Jewish students on campus, and it's growing every single day. It's an exciting time to be a member and I look forward to seeing you all on campus in 2019.