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NUS Passes Historic Motion to Act Against Anti-Semitism

NUS Passes Historic Motion to Act Against Anti-Semitism



By Ariel Zohar / December 14, 2017

Moments ago, AUJS successfully passed resolution ‘We Must Act Against Anti-Semitism’ at the National Union of Students’ (NUS) National Conference. This historic resolution requires the NUS to take active steps to ensure that Jewish students feel safe and accepted both on campus and within the national student body.

Collaboration and positive engagement with the NUS has never been more important. 2017 saw a 9.5% increase in recorded anti-Semitic incidents in Australia. On the campus front, this included a wave of Holocaust Denial across nearly every major university in Australia, Neo-Nazi vandalism and abuse of individual Jewish students simply because of their ethnic, cultural or religious identity.

A recent survey indicated that 50% of UK Jewish students felt uncomfortable at their NUS (UK). In this light, AUJS is delighted that the Australian NUS has now voted in favour of this resolution. As per the motion’s title, we are encouraged by NUS' support for much-needed action.

AUJS looks forward to collaborating with NUS in 2018 to tackle these issues and ensure universities are welcoming environments for all students.

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