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AUJS at Kristallnacht Commemoration

AUJS at Kristallnacht Commemoration

The Jewish Holocaust Centre (JHC) and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) have co-hosted a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht on the 6th November 2013. 

By Aujs / November 14, 2013

The Kristallnacht Commemoration was held at the JHC and incorporated the JHC Betty and Shmuel Rosenkranz Oration which was delivered by Rabbi James Kennard, Principle of Mount Scopus College. Rabbi Kennard spoke about the importance of Holocaust remembrance and education, and in particular Holocuast Relativism and the importance of not diluting the significance of the Holocaust.

The oration was followed by a panel of young community leaders, professionally moderated by Bram Presser, who discussed the issues raised by Rabbi Kennard and the lessons from Kristallnacht and the Holocaust. The panel included Aaron Densham, Shifra Bendet, Josh Monester and Yossi Reicher.


AUJS National Vice Chairperson, Yossi Reicher, has written the following reflection: 

“It was an honour to participate in the Kristallnacht panel discussion which was organised by the JHC in conjunction with the JCCV. It is paramount that we always remember and never forget the atrocities and the unfathomable brutality which occurred during the Holocaust. The task of ensuring that the memory of the Holocaust always lives on is becoming significantly more challenging since the number of Holocaust survivors are dwindling. It is therefore incumbent on the youth to share the stories of their grandparents and to educate others.

AUJS recognises the importance of Holocaust remembrance and has worked steadfastly to ensure that the students on campus are educated about the atrocities of the Holocaust. This year, a Holocaust campaign entitled “Drawing on the past to paint a better future” was implemented across Australasia. This campaign encouraged students all over Australasia to never forget the Holocaust and to learn its lessons and to get involved with a Humanitarian organisation, so that atrocities based on discrimination cease to exist. AUJS hosted a number of Holocaust survivors who spoke to students about their experiences at a variety of university campuses across Australasia this year.

AUJS regularly acts to counter anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity on campus. An online support network was established to enable members to report anti-Semitic incidents. AUJS works to ensure that members feel supported and that issues of anti-semitism are appropriately dealt with.”


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