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Sonia Kruger's Anti-Muslim Immigration Comments

Sonia Kruger's Anti-Muslim Immigration Comments

If the answer to terrorism is a White Australia, then the question is wrong.

By Michael Fisher / July 18, 2016


Lisa Wilkinson: 'Are you saying that you would like our borders closed to Muslims at this point?'
Sonia Kruger'Yes … We have something like 500,000 in our country… for the safety of the citizens here I think it’s important.'


The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) finds Sonia Kruger's call this morning on breakfast television to ban all Muslim immigration in to Australia reprehensible. Indeed, Kruger's statements represent a flagrant violation of our shared duty to develop an inclusive and united multicultural community, and an immature and dangerous approach to the contemporary challenge of radical terrorism.

We remember Australia’s response to the 1938 Evian conference in France, when the world was directly confronted with the question of the Jewish people’s future in Europe in light of the pervasive antisemitism which later erupted in to the systematic genocide of six million: “we do not have a racial problem, and we do not want to import one.”

We recognise that the various attacks in Western countries over the past several years have engendered a legitimate fear for our physical safety in Australia.

We note that alongside the development of this fear has been the surge in movements which operate under the proxies of anti-Halal, anti-Immigration, or anti-Mosque, but often are led by leaders that are fundamentally anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, and anti-Asian.

We do not challenge the right of individuals to publicly advertise these views. However, it is our shared responsibility to proudly and more loudly prosecute the case for the respectful multicultural society which has embraced our Jewish community.

We know too well the consequences of social isolation and treating a community like a pariah. We know too well the paralytic effect of hateful speech on a community; the resentment and the dejection that often follows comments like Kruger’s.

It is our shared historical responsibility as Jews to defend the rights of a member of any faith, cultural, ethnic or community group, to participate and contribute to the rich tapestry of Australian society.

We urge the Jewish and broader Australian community to approach the discussion of violent terrorism and its links to Islamists intelligently and with the maturity that the debate demands.

If the answer to terrorism is a White Australia, then the question is wrong.

Michael Fisher

National Chairperson

P: (03) 9272 5625


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