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15 Reasons why you should go on Winter Escape

15 Reasons why you should go on Winter Escape

In case you're not sure whether or not to go on Winter Escape, we decided to make it easy for you by breaking down the reasons into 15 simple points.

By Aujs / May 26, 2014

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1. After all your procrastination, you need a break


2. It's pretty cheap for a planned holiday


3. And all your friends are going

Best Friends

4. We're going to theme parks

Theme parks

5. There'll be yoga... on a paddleboard

Paddleboard yoga

6. You're too lazy to plan your own holiday


7. Because winter is coming and we have to go North

Winter is coming

8. #JewishContinuity

Jewish Continuity

9. And you're sick of your old friends

Old Friends

10. Because Tony Abbott won't be there...

Tony Abbott

11. ... And neither will Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten

12. Perthies will be there and they're good looking

Old Spice

13. To settle the VIC vs. NSW rivalry once and for all

Vic NSW rivalry

14. To travel to an exotic place


15. And Israel is too far

Israel is too far 

Winter Escape is a holiday for Jewish students from Australia and New Zealand. For information, check out the Facebook event.

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